There are things that are not perfect – or even far from it – that are nevertheless valued for their unusual nature and which one does not want to simply forget. In my case this description applies very well to ‘Dunkelsteinschimmersaal I’.
The narrative and ideas of this album have been very dear to me since its first steps.
While creating ‘… der Himmelskörper ein Geschenk’, I learned about many more aspects of producing and I would state that Asmarae’s quality has improved a lot since then. This fact combined with the thoughts of the first paragraph led me to record, mix and master the first chapter of the stony dark world that is Asmarae entirely anew. You will be able to give the result a listen on April 6th, 2021.

Another aspect that I find very exciting about this album is the beautiful cover, which was created by the great Pit Hammann. I’m really happy about this professional touch, which the old version of the album artwork was undoubtedly lacking.

The track list remains the same, but I also didn’t miss the opportunity to alter the songs themselves in some places. The mindful listener may find a few surprises at one point or another.
The old version of this album will no longer be streamable, the physical versions will no longer be for sale. The remake of this piece is, in my opinion, a more up-to-date representation of my music and should from now on represent its name.

And now …
we wait.

Best regards!