My name is Marvin Dassios and I have been making music with great pleasure for several years now.
At some point (they say it happened to be the year 2017) it tickled my fingers to create something completely on my own. A dark playground for all the ideas inside my head.
The first result was an album about the mysterious Todtenau and its horrors, a story that was supposed to establish the basic idea of ​​this music project: melancholic and dark stories that are supposed to evoke the good old eerie feelings we all know and some of us love. Sometimes one attentive listener may even find a metaphor.
Dark stories and metaphors – two things that I really appreciate.

The next chapter was just waiting to be cast out into the world. It turned out to be an album about the dark and dreary world ‘Asmarae’ with the cryptic name ‘Dunkelsteinschimmersaal I’.
These stories woven in the dark are told on the digipack . An answer to what this is all about may not be immediately apparent to every listener, but that is by no means bad. In my opinion, meanings become particularly interesting when they are transformed and shaped by the magic of interpretation and personal perception. Don’t you agree?

In 2020 the third album was released, carrying the title ‘… der Himmelskörper ein Geschenk’. This piece is about a boy who seems to have fallen from the realms of heaven.
He can’t really remember anything of his life before awakening on earth, but before he is even able to fathom his situation his attention falls on something completely unexpected that he discovers in the sand.

In 2021 a complete remake of Dunkelsteinschimmersaal I followed. My audio-technical skills have improved to a big enough extent since the first release to decide to give it a little polish.

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, wherever you may get carried to: You are welcome to take a look around this page and maybe even dive a little or some more into the distorted and mysterious world of Asmarae.
It would be an honor.