Digital version – Free
(Bandcamp Download)

Jewelcase – 10€
(Shipping may vary outside of Germany)

Die Sage von der Todtenau tells the story of a horror from the bog that haunts the Todtenau and frightens a village of innocent people.

"Geh' nie in den Wald,
er lässt dich nie mehr fort..."

Olai and his family are living in said village, suffering from the tyranny of evil. To finally put an end to this Olai is dispatched among others to fight the threat, once and for all, but the bog is not that predictable …  

Now available as a physical CD in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet (limited to 25 worldwide!) and as digital download.
The CD contains 13 atmospheric and surprisingly different sounding tracks that tell the real events in Todtenau.

How to get the physical version:

  • Payment in advance: Just send a mail with your address and order details.
  • PayPal: Order on Bandcamp or send a mail.

Upon request I’m happy to sign your copy. In this case, the jewel case will of course no longer be delivered welded. Of course, a purchase supports me immensely, be it one of a physical copy from old-fashioned joy of collecting or a digital one for general support.

Thank you!